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Donor Sperm Insemination – Cycle Package, Fixed Price, Offer

Donor sperm insemination 3 Cycle Package, Fixed Price Offer 3 cycles of IUI cost only £1500. All scans and procedure included.

PCOS Awareness Programme

PCOS affects not just your fertility But also your life, it's quality. Only £50 for a 3D pelvic scan and advice about PCOS

Check your Fertility Reserve

3 D USG scan of ovaries, AMH, FSH, Inhibin B for only £250. Includes relevant consultation and advice

3 cycle IVF package with money-back Guarantee

3 cycles of fresh IVF for only £8500 upto 75% refund if you don't achieve clinical pregnancy in 3 attempts* We have centres covering most areas of London Individualised care by

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  • Why does sperm have to be stored for six months quarantine period?

    The use of donor sperm is a regulated activity and without being registered for HFEA a center cannot offer such a service.Procuring sperm for the purposes of treatment requires the center tofollow stringent method that satisfies scientific as well ... More
  • What is egg freezing?

    Egg freezing needs the patient to go through half of the IVF cycle, upto when we collect the eggs but without creating the embryos. We freeze the eggs so that we could use them as a later date when she desires a pregnancy. Last year the American ... More
  • Why do we have to freeze the eggs? Why not the ovarian tissue?

    Research began on both these aspects and both have been successful forms of treatments however freezing eggs has been more successful and convenient than freezing ovarian tissue and making it work either in the laboratory or after the implantation ... More