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April 2, 2014

Surrogacy – the legal and logistic challenge in IVF treatment.

IVF for with a surrogate is perhaps the easiest IVF a fertility expert will do, especially if the commissioning couple is gay. In such a case, the eggs are from young egg donor who has had kids before this and the embryo is implanted in a young surrogate who has successfully...

The Pragmatic approach in treating patients with unexplained infertility

The following examples tell you how clinicians take a pragmatic approach whilst managing cases of unexplained infertility. In unexplained infertility, if we know that there will be some hidden cause, why don’t we continue investigating until we know the answer? As purists all...

The BMI fallacy – simple does not mean right

BMI is a simple parameter to understand. You just need a person’s weight and height to calculate it. But is not just wrong science but terribly unhelpful to patients and their treatment. This is a topic of great controversy especially because on most occasions NHS funding...