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About us

Our Team

  • Prof J G Grudzinskas, MD FRCOG FACOG

    Prof Grudzinskas formerly Emeritus Professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at St Bartholomew's & The Royal London Hospitals School of Medicine and Dentistry. He is widely respected as not just the one of the most senior fertility experts in the country but also as an innovative thinker in this field.
  • Mr. Richard Balet, MD

    Mr Balet trained as an Obstetrician and Gynaecologist at the University of Paris. After 10 years at the Polyclinique in Deauville, where he was responsible for directing the IVF programme, Dr Balet moved to London. He specialises in Male Infertility.
  • Miss Alka Bhide, MD MRCOG

    Miss Alka completed her OG training from India and then did her MRCOG in London. She trained in infertility with Professor Grudzinskas' team from the mid 1990's working at Bart's Hospital and Queen Mary's hospital London, where she served as a senior registrar.
  • Mary-Anne Nickerson

    Mary Anne Nickerson is a fully accredited and a member of the BACP (British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists) a member of the BACP Coaching Division and the UKRCP (United Kingdom Registered Independent Counsellor/Psychotherapist). In addition to this Mary Anne is a trained Infertility Counsellor and a member of BICA (British Infertility Counselling Association). She is on the HPC (Health Professionals Council) register and has experience of working with couples with infertility issues.
  • Dr Mahadeo Bhide MD MRCOG

Why choose us ?

  • 1. One to one care by expert, experienced doctor.

    Our team comprises of doctors experienced in the field of infertility. Since we are dedicated to this practice and do not have to juggle NHS and other commitments, you get appointments very quickly.

    We are a closely knit team and our client load is limited so there is a personal touch to the care we deliver.

    1a. Our doctors do ultra-souind scans themselves. Even specialised tests such as the SIS scan and 3D pelvic USG or tubal patency scan (echo-salpingography). This means all investigations and treatment will happen under one roof, saving you time and efforts of moving around and sorting appointments.

    1b We have our own embryologists/andrologist who does our own semen assessment.

  • 2. Most client friendly clinic timings and communication pathways.

    Our clinics run late afternoons and evenings as well as weekends. That means, you do not have to juggle your day time work commitments to make our clinic appointment. Since many investigations in fertility are dependent on your menstrual cycle, having doctors show that flexibility is crucial for quick processing.

    We are keen on keeping the highest standards of communication and our team is prompt in responding to your emails and your phone calls so that you do not have to come to get simple queries sorted.

  • 3. Investigation and treatment packages that make it cost effective as well as easy to budget.

    Once you are a part of our treatment package (e.g. the three cycle IUI package), we do not charge you for every single visit you make or every scans we do.

    You are not looking at your watches worrying about the meter turning. Our's is a unique “fixed fee” system that allows the best rapport between patients and doctors.

  • 4. The best of both worlds

    Local expert care plus central London laboratory with excellent track record makes this a dream team. You can approach our doctors and have your scans done locally without having to wait long and travel all the way to London and find parking spots.

    The central laboratory has its experienced lab and embryologists who will ensure that our IVF results are one of the highest in the UK.

    This also means that even without you are asking; your case and notes have been seen by two teams of experts who will jointly plan your treatment.

  • 5. You pay no more

    The cost of the entire IVF cycle will be exactly the same as what it will cost you if you have directly gone to the central London clinic. Actually working through us may prove cheaper because you not only saved a lot of time and travel expense but also because our consultation and other packages turn out cheaper than most big clinics in London charge.

    Most of our clients have noted that even the treatment cycle turns out £500 or even more cheaper than if you had visited our central London center yourself.