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Alternative family

Our centre is keen to treat gay and lesbian couples.

Treatment of lesbian couples is perhaps the simplest in terms of technical challenge but very satisfying in terms of happiness that can bring to the couple. We are surprised how expensive a simple treatment of ovulation induction and intrauterine insemination with donor sperm is in the private sector.

Even the cost of the sperms is prohibitively high because of the various costs of screening and storing and finally transportation cost etc. We believe that such high prices have made a lot of lesbian couple seek a “DIY” approach which are generally informal arrangements. Sadly such arrangements are fraught with social and legal pitfalls and have left a lot of families unhappy.

Our prices for IUI with donor sperm and lesbian couples is perhaps the lowest in the market and the “three cycle package” even more so.

We support the right of gay couples to have their own child. The process needs a lot of legal and logistics arrangements involving ovum donation and surrogacy. We are very happy to talk to gay couples and help them as fertility experts to understand and guide them in the entire process. Elsewhere on our website we discussed in details the issues relating to alltruistic surrogacy in UK as well as commercial surrogacy in countries such as USA, India and Mexico.