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Surrogacy for gay couples

If a woman doesn’t have a uterus that is functioning adequately, surrogacy can be a solution. Gay couples who want to have their child will also need to use surrogacy. In this situation, they would also need to procure donated eggs so as to have an embryo with which is genetically partly theirs.

Surrogacy is perhaps the most logistically demanding solution undertaken by a couple and the fertility centre and is expensive as well. The couple and surrogate have to be counselled very well, so also any unresolved issues are addressed at the earliest opportunity and not when you are half way through the treatment.

To make matters complicated, the law as it stands in the UK is not much in favour of encouraging surrogate pregnancies. Not just about legalizing the baby as the legal child of the couple but there are further complications when the surrogacy happens overseas.

In the last few years developing countries such as India, Thailand and Mexico have been in the limelight for effectively creating a “surrogacy industry”.

We at our centre can guide couples about this matter and introduce them to various agencies who are more actively involved in the various logistics involved.

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