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Kilts and cold baths are they any good for your sperm ?

Temperature has long been known to affect sperm production, and Popular Science reports that a new study published in the Scottish Medical Journal reviewed evidence of the link between scrotal temperature and reproduction. Author Erwin J.O. Kompanje decided to study the veracity...

Testicular Cancer Diagnosis and Management

Introduction Around forty years ago testicular cancer was one of the worst cancer a man could have. In the last 25 years however we discovered that anti metabolite drug like Methotrexate can successfully cure testicular cancer and if resistant, radiotherapy works well as well....

Surrogacy – the legal and logistic challenge in IVF treatment.

IVF for with a surrogate is perhaps the easiest IVF a fertility expert will do, especially if the commissioning couple is gay. In such a case, the eggs are from young egg donor who has had kids before this and the embryo is implanted in a young surrogate who has successfully...

The Pragmatic approach in treating patients with unexplained infertility

The following examples tell you how clinicians take a pragmatic approach whilst managing cases of unexplained infertility. In unexplained infertility, if we know that there will be some hidden cause, why don’t we continue investigating until we know the answer? As purists all...

The BMI fallacy – simple does not mean right

BMI is a simple parameter to understand. You just need a person’s weight and height to calculate it. But is not just wrong science but terribly unhelpful to patients and their treatment. This is a topic of great controversy especially because on most occasions NHS funding...

Uterine Transplant

Womb transplant – A milestone The news is about 22 year old young lady in Turkey who successfully had a womb transplanted which then allowed her to be pregnant. She was born without a womb but her type of transplant-surgery might also be suitable for women who had to have...

IVF for Menopausal Women – Is it a good idea ?

IVF for the post-menopausal http://www.telegraph.co.uk/health/women_shealth/8872691/Woman-who-became-mother-at-57-admits-she-was-too-old-for-IVF.html Summary of the case -not just IVF that causes stress The article is about a lady who had her IVF well after her menopause. She has...

Sperms Love Kilts

An interesting article which speaks about the virtue f the Scottish kilt. Apparently kilt wearers have better sperm count than others who wear the more mainstream trousers. The slight naughty undercurrent to the piece of news is that, that “real” Scottish men will  not bother...

BMI The Wrong Selection Criterion

Obesity and fertility How fair is the NHS’s policy on funding based on BMI ? Introduction IVF is not funded for women whose BMI is above 30. Whilst this is well intended, we think this is a simplistic policy. Using BMI as the sole metric for obesity is wrong. Why did this...