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All our consultations are done by our team of expert doctors, each has been working in the field of IVF from the 1990’s.

Every member of our team has served in the NHS in the past but now are fully committed to our clinics in the independent sector. Our clinic appointments are given very easily and quickly (certainly within the week and mostly in 2-3 days).

Our clinics happen in the afternoons and evenings as well as weekends, so as to suit our patients’ work commitments.

You have the option of telephonic conversation as well as a proper conventional consultation and it may allow you to have a reasonable idea about what to expect from our team. What we charge for the telephonic consultation is adjusted in the fee for your (live) consultation if you choose to have further treatment with us.

Since we do most infertility investigations in our clinic itself, it is quite easy for us to organise them without much hassle. We pride in completing all relevant investigations within 6 weeks and commence appropriate treatment almost immediately.

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