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Second opinion

Second Opinion

You may already have consulted a general gynaecologist or even a fertility expert and may have had some treatment. You may find it helpful to have your past treatment reviewed by us and get a oral / written second opinion.

There is seldom only one way to investigate of treat a condition. By having a second opinion you may either find about other possible avenues to explore. Or even if we don’t have any better suggestions, you will feel assured that your doctor’s opinion is corroborated. In either case you win.

Whilst opining we discuss various standard guidelines and research papers and opinions from other experts the world over. It will be an objective opinion. We may be able to suggest a few points which you may want to clarify with your treating IVF expert, the next time you have your treatment.

Whilst many times couples ask for a second-opinion when they are presented with more difficult decisions (like ovum donation,surrogacy) however, we have included a few examples about cases below