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  • What is counselling?

      Fertility counsellors are professionals who have qualifications in general counselling as well as special training and experience in matters relating to fertility. The counsellor's role is not to advise the client but to act like a 'sounding board' who will help to clarify the patients feelings and understand fully the implications of their treatment. The counsellor will also encourage the client to explore their hopes and fears and find ways to help manage any possible outcomes. On many occasions one or both of the partners will be unsure what they should expect during the treatment. Often they may not understand all the technical aspects and in more specific areas of fertility treatment such as gamete donation or surrogacy the couple may have concerns or apprehensions which they may not be able to voice easily and this is where the counsellor will work to help identify issues and address them as they arise.
  • Your treatment-Your choices and decisions

      Your counsellor will take a professional, non-judgmental and objective assessment of your preparedness for fertility treatments. The counselling session should help the couple think for themselves and come to the appropriate conclusion. Contrary to some views, counsellors do not influence the way the couples think about the treatment and its suitability as this would be completely unethical. Your counsellor works to the ethical framework of the BACP and is accredited by them (for more information please look at this website: www.bacp.co.uk
  • Confidentiality

      Your counsellor will maintain the highest level of integrity and maintain client confidentiality (although you have been referred to him/her by the treating clinicians). For example client counselling notes are not only confidential but even the clinicians do not have an access to them. This enables a special professional relationship between the couple and their counsellor and allows the client to be sure that what they discuss is handled with the highest level of care, respect and privacy.

      We offer all clients undergoing treatment with donor gametes, an opportunity to have professional counselling. Your counsellor not directly employed by us and works independently of the clinic.

  • Sound training and experience

      Your counsellor has had specific training with BICA (British Infertility Counselling Association) and is well equipped to deal with any issues regarding infertility or fertility treatments as they arise so if you have any questions or wish to know more then please look at this website: www.bica.net or request to speak to our counsellor or email her on:counselling@clear-view.me.uk