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General Screening

Role of various investigations we order

General Health

  • Full blood count

      A full blood count normally tells us about how much hemoglobin you have the the red blood cells count in your blood. It also looks at the number and types of white blood cells (WBC) which if elevated, indicate infection.

      We are surprised at how often women with a generally healthy lifestyle may have low haemoglobin. Sometimes it may be associated with restrictive diets such as a vegetarian or vegan diet. Low hemoglobin with small sized RBC indicate the most common cause of anaemia which is iron deficiency Anaemia. We need to correct it during the treatment because getting pregnant with Anaemia can make it worse.
  • Vitamin B 12

      Deficiency of this vitamin is seen typically in vegetarians and vegans. In this condition, low hemoglobin is accompanied by larger than usual red blood cells. Vitamin B 12 deficiency effects fertility and can cause miscarriages. Treatment is by injectable vitamin B12
  • Infective screen

      a. Rubella

      Also called German measles. It is a virus that can cause congenital abnormalities if a woman in early pregnancy gets the infection. The incidence of Rubella in the general population is low thanks to the high use of MMR vaccines. However not all immunity from MMR is lifelong and when you are trying for a baby, we take the opportunity to confirm that your immune against Rubella. If you are not, we can always give you an injectable vaccine for that.

      b. Hepatitis B, hepatitis C and HIV These viruses are called the STi viruses and it’s crucial to rule out their presence when you are undergoing treatment for fertility. Apart from the infectious nature of the viruses, there are implications on the health of the unborn child as well as of the pregnant mother. If a patient is positive for any of these tests, apart from general advice, we have to take special care for storage of embryos or gametes and the disposal of soiled cloths of equipment. The information about these tests is kept confidential.