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Ovarian Reserve

AMH (Anti Mullerian Hormone)

This has been described in the hormone tests here

Low AHM indicates that the ovarian reserve is declining, however the result has to be interpreted cautiously considering the very short time the test has been on the market.

Antral Follicle Score

This test looks at the basic follicles in the depth of the ovaries on ultrasound scan. These follicles are typically 5mm to 10 mm in size and if they are between 5 and 10 per ovary it suggests that the ovary is rich in its reserve of eggs and exactly to respond favorably to induction of ovulation.

High antral follicle score can also warn us about the possibility of excessive stimulation of the ovary during IVF.

Inhibin B

In females, Inhibin B is primarily produced by small developing follicles and is dependent on the time of the menstrual cycle. Inhibin B levels increase early in the follicular phase to reach a peak coincident with the beginning of the midfollicular phase decline in FSH levels.

Inhibin B levels decrease in the late follicular phase. Inhibin B plays a role in the growth of follicles by reducing the production of FSH from the pituitary gland. As the woman nears her menopause, the total number of ovarian follicles is reduced and thus, serum inhibin B decrease to very low or undetectable levels.