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Links & Resources

  • HFEA

      The HFEA is a quasi-autonomous non-governmental body that overseas the regulation of all IVF centres in the UK. To start the new fertility treatment centre in the UK, we need to apply with the HFEA and get inspected and approved by them before one can function. HFEA license is needed for any centre that deals with human gametes and/or embryos. So a semen analysis can be done by a regular pathological laboratory but if semen has to be prepared for IUI then the lab needs an HFEA license. Similarly, storing of gamete – sperm or eggs or even embryos needs a storage license from the HFEA. Unlike the HFEA in UK many other countries even the developed world do not have a comparable body. One of the main jobs of the HFEA is to document all treatment cycles undertaken at a centre and their outcome. This means that the centre's claims about success can be checked by the clients. The HFEA has also standardized what counts of “success” and only clinical pregnancies (and not pregnancy test) are seen as a successful outcome. The HFEA has to be notified about multiple gestations and any other adverse outcome in the treatment centres.
  • NICE Guidelines

      National Institute for Clinical Excellence is an organization that looks at various treatment options that evaluates treatments for not only their efficacy but also appropriateness as well as cost–effectiveness The latest NICE guideline son fertility management has been in place since 2013. Our centre widely uses the recommendations of the NICE guidelines and thus assures a scientific and objective approach towards fertility management.
  • Pride Angel

      Pride angel specializes in offering a range of solutions towards fertility for gay and lesbian couples. Through its website lesbian couples wanting fertility meet and link up with appropriate sperm donors or even gay couples who may want to share their parental responsibilities. Whilst formulating various services we offer offer lesbian clients, our centre have liaised extensively with Pride Angel and come up most attractive packages for investigation and IUI treatment of their clients.
  • Verity- the PCOS charity

      Polycystic ovarian syndrome is a very common problem that causes not only infertility but various other medical and psychological conditions. Verity is one of the leading charities that specialized and support even with the PCOS. Our centre is keen to promote awareness of PCOS and has offered inexpensive 3D ultrasound scans to young women who may want to know if they have this particular problem. Click here for the appropriate link on our site.
  • Endometriosis society in UK

      Endometriosis not only contributes to infertility but also cause abdominal pain including period pains. Since painful intercourse is it's common presentation, it can seriously affect relationships. Endometriosis society in UK helps not only spreading awareness about the condition but also supports women with the problem.
  • Infertility Network UK

      This is arguably the most subscribed network of couples seeking infertility treatment. They have local network groups which meet and offer support members in their treatment. There are forums on their site wherein couples share their experiences and concerns and learn on each others.
  • European Sperm Bank

      This is sperm bank based in Denmark but has its clients spread all over Europe including UK. Their solutions in logistics have opened up sperm bank facilities across over the national borders. The team includes well qualified scientists and embryologists and their standard of services exemplary.
  • Donor Conception Network – DCN

      This charity is mainly run by counsellors specialized in donor gametes treatments. This particular area of fertility treatment needs high level of information as well as support and counseling. The various legal and psychological issues involved in such treatments are dealt by the charity.