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PCOS Awareness Programme


PCOS awareness programme

PCOS affects around 15% to 20% of all young women, but there is no definite way of knowing if you have it.

PCOS can cause subtle changes in period, weight gain, oily skin and later on hirsutism and hair loss. And all the time you are trying the wrong way blaming the wrong causes.
Women spend years and years on the OC pill and when they come off it, they find out about their PCOS. We have wasted valuable time.

Our “PCOS awareness programme” encourages you to know more about the condition and have an ultrasound scan for a nominal fee. This is done mainly as a fund raising event for the charity we support. £50 only for a proper consultation about the condition as well as a 3D pelvic USG done by our fertility expert.

Our site has more details about poly-cystic ovarian syndrome in general including several white-board presentations.

Ignorance is not bliss!

Being aware if you have PCOS is so crucial, because it may save many women valuable time. On numerous occasions I have had to consult women seeking help in fertility who we then found to have PCOS. For ten years before that, they were on the pill which make their periods same regular. On trying to bring about ovulation, the woman felt remarkably sad that in the previous ten years she could have thought of sorting out her problem sooner. Now any problem of infertility becomes that much more difficult once you cross a certain age.


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PCOS and meal time.

This is an interesting writing by Prof. Daniela Jakbowicz, published in Israel which talks about beneficial effect of managing meal times in women with PCOS.

The article suggest that having good breakfast of just 1000 calories followed by lunch at around 700 calories and dinner of only 200 calories had helped PCOS women in terms of hormone profile. Their insulin resistance has come down and level as of testosterone have come down as well. The article does not go on to say if the cycles became ovulatory and regular and if they conceived. But in a condition such as PCOS, the journey will have several small steps and this can be one of them.

We have already discussed elsewhere on our website why PCOS is not the easiest of conditions to treat. Its impact on your life may not be as dramatic as say many other life threatening conditions but when it comes to affecting the quality of life, PCOS will be in the top league of conditions that adversely affect quality of life.

Other small suggestions that have helped women with PCOS include regular exercise, yoga as well as meditation and good diet.

The various symptoms and related problems affecting women’s with PCOS are highlighted elsewhere on our site.

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