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Unlike most other centres in the UK mention the basic cost of IVF and start adding on the cost of “optional extras” which in opinion are hardly optional. The use of ICSI, blastrocyst transfers and storage of embryos are services which the client should be prepared for. And ofcourse expensive medicines for the IVF cycle!

Our “all inclusive package” below does exactly what is says on the tin. There is a small print which is applicable to less than circa 15% of cases but that will be clarified as well before you commit to the treatment.

Comparing  Prices



Even our “pre IVF workup” package has a cost capped at £1000. That too you will find, is a great difference from most other centres.

The Pre-IVF workup Cost


We have listed costs of individual tests and treatments. However, please look at the various packages as they often end up being far greater value for money. The price of laboratory investigations are largely dictated by the labs, but when it comes to consultations or ultra-sound scans or other procedures done by our doctors, our packages are great value for money.
We believe keeping the costs as transparent and reasonable as much as we can, will be the best stress buster during your fertility treatment.
Prices for operative procedures such as hyseteroscopy or laparoscopy are dependent on various factors (diagnostic / therapeutic, combinations etc) and should be best discussed with your doctor.


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