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Summary of common problems and treatments and costs etc

  • 1. Unexplained infertility

    This is when there is no obvious cause for the couples infertility. The semen test is normal (or just a little less), fallopian tubes are 'patent' (checked either by hSG or echo-salpingography or laparoscopy), and the FSH and AMH levels are normal with a regular cycle.

    The two main treatments for unexplained infertility are

    a. Intrauterine insemination (IUI) with natural cycle or clomiphene induced ovulation, has been shown to be no more effective than simple ovulation induction and planned sexual intercourse. A 3 cycle package for ovulation induction costs only £1200.

    Some couples however insist on IUI for various reasons (including ED and stress of having to have sex on command). IUI with prepared sperm can then be offered - the 3 cycle package costs only £1500

    b. IVF + ICSI detailed below

  • 2. IVF +/- ICSI

    This treatment has a higher success chance of almost 40% to 50% (depending on women’s age and various other factors).

    Our centre offers IVF treatment in collaboration with central London laboratory. We act as their 'satellite centre' doing all scans, basic tests and we accompany the couple for their egg collections and embryo transfer to be done at the London centre.

    The total cost of such treatment including all monitoring scans, egg collections, embryology, ICSI if needed, blast cyst culture if needed and embryo replacement and storage of excess embryos will generally cost between £ 5000 and £ 6000. The cost of medicines can be an additional £ 1000.

    When you undertake this treatment through our centre you not only save on travel time and get one-to-care from expert doctors but save approximately £ 1000 in addition as compared to going London centre directly.

  • 3. Oligospermia or Azoospermia

    Male factor can affect about 10% to 20% of all infertile couples.

    a. If the azoospermia is caused because of testicular failure, the treatment is IUI using donor sperm insemination.

    Our 3 cycled all inclusive package cost only £ 1250. Cost of donor sperm is additional. Treatment with donor sperm IUI is only successful with a success chance of almost 15% per cycle.

    We also have package to cover all investigations including infective screens all needed by HFEA.

    b. IVF plus ICSI is useful when there is oligospermia (low sperm count) or reduced mobility or when the sperm has to be retrieved from blocked or absent vas deferens (the tube that brings out the sperm to the penis).

    In some cases of azoospermia, we can also use sperms aspirated from the testes or the epididymis to give the couple their biological baby.

  • 4. PCOS

    Polycystic ovarian syndrome and other condition of an ovulation and either by induction of ovulation with or without intrauterine insemination.

    The package for three IUI treatment cycles is only £ 1250.

    We also have package for all investigations which were needed to establish the exact cause of infertility.

  • 5. Ovum donation

    This is typically helpful when the woman has low or no eggs in her ovary. This could happen congenital absence of the ovary or premature menopause that happens most commonly when the woman is above 43-45 years of age with low reserves of eggs.

    Typical treatment is IVF using donor eggs. Our associate centre in London provides for egg donors as well as has links with an egg bank. The cost of IVF cycle using donor eggs is typically £ 3000 more than regular IVF cycles since we have to pay for the cost of retrieving eggs from the donor.

  • 6. Other conditions such as endometriosis, tubal block, chronic salpingitis, and chronic pelvic inflammatory disease will all be managed by IVF +/- ICSI. Details about the treatment and the costs have been mentioned above.