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Since we are a satellite centre of the London Women’s Clinic (113-115 Harley St, London, “The LWC”) we are quoting the success achieved by the LWC laboratory, which you can check at this link http://www.londonwomensclinic.com/london/success_rates

The following link tells you about the success rates achieved by the London Womens’ Clinic as noted on the HFEA website http://guide.hfea.gov.uk/guide/Overview.aspx?Code=105&s=l


  • IVF (In Vitro Fertilisation) +/- ICSI (Intra-Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection)

    In those couples who cannot be treated by simple ovulation induction and insemination, will need in vitro fertilization (IVF) with or without intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI). Details about how an IVF treatment works has been explained in details elsewhere in this site.

    Our centre is a "satellite centre" of London Women's Clinic (LWC) the reputed centre based in 113-115 Harley St London. However, our doctors do egg collections of our patients and embryo transfers at the above centre, so you don't have to see new faces on the critical days of treatment.

  • Best of both worlds– Local expert care and best of labs for high success rate

    Our centre is run by experts who are local to you and who have been doing IVF for dozens of years. You thus get one-to-one care without having to wait travel to central London and wait for hours in the waiting rooms. Our doctors do their own scans so there is the personalised care. And you see the same doctor every time!

    Since we use a well established and experienced centre in central London with a well established embryology laboratory (i.e. the London Women's Clinic, 113-115 Harley Street, London), we benefit from the high quality embryology lab they have. We are registered with the HFEA as a "satellite centre" of the LWC for the purposes of IVF.

  • Save on travel time and cost

    IVF treatment includes a lot of visits involving counselling, follicle monitoring etc. All of that gets done at our centre. You need to visit the specialized centre only twice, once for egg collection and the second times for embryo transfer. During both these visits our team member will be there with you so that you are not left on your own in a new place.

  • Personalized care and best value for your money

    We like to keep our prices most competitive. When you add up all the conveniences and level of service, you will agree it is most reasonable and indeed value for money. Firstly you save money by not having to take time off work. We regularly consult in the late afternoons and evenings and even weekends as well. Since we are local to you, you don't travel all the way to central London wasting your time and spending on exorbitant car parking costs. We also don't charge for every consultation and every phone call you make to our doctors. Once you are in the treatment programme, all our scans or calls or WA chats are included in the price. Since we give you a prescription and not provide medicines from the centre, you are welcome to choose the most economical pharmacist.