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Ovulation Induction

  • Anovulation

    There are many reasons why a woman may not ovulate each month. Investigations will tell us if there are underlying reasons for anovulation, the most common being polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). Other causes may include.

                   a. Ovarian failure (pre-mature menopause etc)
                   b. Severe stress.
                   c. Weight problems and
                   d. Pituitary causes
                   e. Drug therapy

    Inducing ovulation in case of PCOS is done using various oral medications such as Clomophine and / or Metformin. Sometimes we need to give injections using FSH (gonadotrophins) as well..

  • Avoiding Twins

    During induction of ovulation it is important that we reduce as much as possible, the chance of multiple gestation, typically twins.

    For this we monitor the growth of your follicles by two-three ultrasound scans which tell us the number of follicles growing and their size. 

    Single growing follicle and endometrium during ovulation induction

    Single growing follicle and endometrium during ovulation induction

    At the right size of follicles we trigger release of the egg by hCG injection. Intrauterine insemination involves isolating the actively motile sperms from the total semen and injecting them in the uterine cavity. Some couple may prefer having planned sexual intercourse at home instead of intrauterine insemination. Elsewhere we have discussed the merit of IUI treatment and planned sexual intercourse.

  • Transparent fixed fee packages for Ovulation Induction and Intra-uterine insemination

    We have a policy of fixed fees for the entire OI/IUI cycle which means if you pay no more even if you need more than the usual number of USG scans. The idea is for you to know what will it cost you for the entire treatment cycle without any surprises at the end. Our unique policy of no charge if the cycle is cancelled means that if the response is poor or far more than expected, we would end up cancelling the cycle. Ours is perhaps one of the few centres in UK that doesn’t charge you anything for the consultation and monitoring cost during such a cancelled cycle. Apart from £50 to cover cost of medicines etc you have lost nothing. This policy allows us to take the right decision to abandon a cycle without worrying about the financial loss to the couple.

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